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About us

My name is Borislava and I am 28 years old. I am the owner of this website and along with the great artists, form the team behind art-4u.

The core concept of this e-service is to help young talents find a small to medium size projects and make a living as students and artists. Art is a form of expression and a way of making the world beautiful place. It can be described and perceived in many ways.

The reality is very difficult for a young artist struggling to find job in the field they chose and are often working a retail job to meet their expenses. On the other hand, there is many people that love art and would like to own beautiful things but never bother to buy since it is usually very expensive.

Here at art-4u we try to offer affordable small project at your demand. Our artists would love to craft something for you! If you are interested please do not hesitate, your product can be just few clicks away!

We hope you enjoy our service and looking forward hearing from you!